Artist: The Outcast Band
Release Date: 2010

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1. The Garden Song
2. To The End
3. Orphans
4. Blood And Soil
5. Hurricane Day
6. To Be Someone
7. After The Storm
8. Don't Go Home
9. My Dear Friend
10. The Longest Mile
11. Wreckage


The Garden Song

I'm swinging from a rooftop
I'm strung out on a wire
I've been climbing all these years
I can't get any higher
And I'm scared to look back 'cause it's
such a long way down
My arms are tired and my eyes are sore
I can't even remember what I came here for
And if I just let go will I ever make it to the ground?

I'm scared, I'm all alone
I can't see which way to go
Hold my hand, take me home
To your garden

I'm falling in the darkness, scared to light a flame
Shadows of my conscience hold me to blame
I know I'm guilty but I
still don't know what I've done
I'll hang before the morning from an old willow tree
A rope around my neck of rosary beads
And I'll lay to rest in a grave without a stone

I'm scared, I'm all alone...

Well a crazy dog was howling so I cut him loose
Now I'm drowning in an ocean that I pissed into
And I've burned my boats and I've
torn my bridges down
These are crazy days that I fell upon
Well it could've been you, could've been anyone
But I can't bend anymore
I know I'm gonna break somehow

To The End

This road that we stumble along
Is scarred and blistered and drags on and on
And night draws in and there's nobody here
To keep us from falling apart tonight

This sack of bones that we've hauled along this way
Of all the broken things that we tried to save
And I'm so tired under all of this weight
It wears me down, you wear me down

All is gone, I remember what you said
The night crawls on and your words ring in my head
And I don't know how much longer
We can hold onto this thread
Stay with me to the end

We've been too long in this no-man's land
Of splintered trees and praying hands
And barbed wire lines that we can never cross
They wore us down and you wore us down
All we had was taken in the tide
Of reckless seas and jealous skies
And all we've seen weighs heavy on our eyes
But I saw it all with you my love, my love

All is gone...


Here we stand now on broken ground
Our world's divided without a sound
I remember you said this art is dead
And I closed my eyes and I cried
And I cried

So it ends now
You took your bow
And the world wept softly
As you left without a sound
So it ends now
You've sung your song
And the saddest truth of it all
Is you'll never know what you've done

It carries me back now, to so many years before
I stumbled blindly while you climbed
You flew, you soared
And what I would give to have lived, to have breathed Like you did
And what I would do, just for once, to feel like you

So it ends now...

There's a lonely orphan that once you saved
For every flower laid upon your grave
And there's so much left undone
And so much more to say
If you knew what you'd given
Then you'd know what you've taken away

So it ends now...

Blood And Soil

The hand that scrawls these lonely words
Can no longer think of you
Only pray the eyes that read
Will never learn what they've been through

Just a boy with words of war
Now I have bloodstains on my hands
Just a boy with talk of glory
But I have seen this broken land

If I should fall in some far field
There'll be no angels to receive me
Just the blood and soil and a shallow grave
And those who fell before

Hurricane Day

Will you spare a thought on this hurricane day
For the damage you've done in this delicate place
Where every step you blindly take
Leaves a scar on your face
You live each day just as if it's your last
You cover your footprints, conceal your path
Got a head full of questions
That you're still too scared to ask

And you let it blow,
You never want to feel this way again
And you let it blow, the earth was screaming
Howling like the wind
You let it blow, you stole it all, you gave it all away
And it was never yours to take
And your tears fell like rain on this hurricane day

You sealed a deal with the devil that night
With your jealous kiss and your venom knife
And blood on your hands from the bleeding heart
That you held right up to the sky
Was glory yours when you rode on ahead?
Did you feel remorse when you counted the dead?
You just need to be held, can't live with yourself
But there's nobody left, there's nobody left

And the tears you cry on this hurricane day
Will never dry or be washed away, you wish to God
You could change what you've done
With every breath that you take
But you've done nothing wrong
You just didn't understand
How your dreams turned to dust
When you opened your hand
And you swipe at the rain for something to blame
But you will see again, you will see again

To Be Someone

Where your innocence yearned
Now your jealousy burns
And the fear of failure is still holding you down
With the chains of all of your doubt
It was all yours if you wanted it
It was all yours if you wanted it
If you wanted it

You're tired of the cheap seats
And you long for the limelight
You walk the stage always
In the shadow of the spotlight
You wished on a star as it fell from the night sky
To be someone

Now the fire in your eyes
Has smouldered and died
And the hands of ambition that gripped you so tight
Now hang loose at your sides
But it was all yours if you wanted it
It was all yours if you wanted it
If you wanted it

Now the years hurt you still
The night leaves such a chill
And you count every hour
And you curse every day
And you fall on your knees
And you remember how to pray
How you long to be seen and you long for the fame
And oh, how you long for that day

It was all yours if you wanted it
It was all yours if you wanted it
If you wanted it

After The Storm

There was a light that shone in your eyes
A flame that flared and burned so bright
It kept you safe in the darkest night
That it guided you through
You were so strong and you fought so long
For the vision you held in a world gone wrong
But the rocks and the stones that you stumble upon
Have broken you, broken you

You feel so tired and you ache to the bone
There's a thorn in your side that tears at your soul
And your heart is choked
Where the weeds have grown
And the seed of doubt has been sown
So you lay down your flag, surrender your gun
You're too scared to love so you hate everyone
And promise yourself a time will come
You won't feel this torn

After the storm, You won't feel alone
After the storm, You won't feel alone

You stood in the crowd with your head held proud
You said do what you will, it doesn't matter now
And they cut you with words
And they beat you with blows
But you had nothing left you could lose

On the lonely road you walk upon
The trees are bare, the flowers have gone
You heard a voice, a whispered song
From the child you held in your arms
A time will come, a river will flow
The sea will rage and the wind will blow
You won't be scared, you will stand on the shore
And all of this will be yours

Don't Go Home

The road lies before us now
Sun in our eyes and dust in our mouths
I followed you through every twist, every turn
Is this all we have, is this all it was worth?
All it was worth?

We've thrown our dice, we've laid our cards
We gambled our lives on a handful of hearts
We danced with the moon
and we swung from the stars
We've given it all for the fight that was ours

We are always alone, why go home?
We are always alone, why go home?
We are always alone, always alone

The seas have raged and the wind has blown
Our mighty ship has been tossed and thrown
And we're wrecked on the shore
with a handful of prayers
And a heartful of dreams to share

The road lies before us now
Tears in my eyes and no words in my mouth
I watch as you turn with your back to the sun
And undo all the work we have done
We are always alone, don't believe what you're told
All we needed was someone to hold
We are always alone but I always had you
Now I've got nothing left, nothing left to look up to

My Dear Friend

My dear friend, just thought I'd write to you again
I've been turning round in circles
Tracing lines that never seem to end
I've been pulling on these chains
But I'm so tired I can't lift them anymore
Seems like I'm destined to remain here
Crawling, sprawling, falling on the floor
And like a soldier who's been wounded in a war
I just can't find a way to fit
I can't relate to this the way I could before

My dear friend, just thought I'd open up my soul
All the flowers have been raped
And the weeds are getting stronger as they grow
There's a darkness in my head
That I'm too scared to hold a candle to
There are mirrors in this room
That I'm scared to look too hard into
And thoughts that I've buried still alive
Just to keep them from my door
I can't escape from this the way I could before

My dear friend, I've been drowning once again
The current held me down
I couldn't breathe, I couldn't swim
When I made this bed of nails
I never thought that I'd be lying here on it
And when I hauled upon this cross
I never thought that I'd be dying here on it
It feels like I've been digging my own grave
Just to find a reason why
There are no answers
Don't forget all that I've told you

The Longest Mile

I walked a lonely mile and I walked a thousand more
And a thousand lonely angels
Flew down to watch me fall
Now I'm crawling on my hands and knees
Bleeding and sore, but I tried

I've got blisters on my fingers, grazes on my knees
Cuts across my hands and gravel in my feet
I'm almost there and still I'm nowhere near
Can't you see how I tried?
This is the longest mile

I saw you in a dream whispering my name
With tears in your eyes and only me to blame
I kissed you and I left and I never dreamed again
But I tried

Everything I've seen left scars on these eyes
Everything that I believed was tangled in lies
And all that I loved I've grown to despise
But I tried
This is the longest mile

I'll never be your lover, you're body is too cold
I'll never be your mother
You don't do what you're told
I'll never be your saviour, you gave away you're soul
You must find your own God
Find your own God now

I'm tired of this crown you've given me to wear
I'm tired of this burden you've given me to bear
And this fucking road you led me down
Leads to God Knows where
I'm so tired
This is the longest mile


You've been talking to yourself for seventeen days
Words that you don't understand
You've been lying in bed, bandaging wounds
Telling yourself you're not dying
Well you can blame me for it all, I don't care anymore
If it means all that much to you
I just never saw the edge until we started to fall
What the hell was I supposed to do?

The wreckage of me and the wreckage of you
Is all that remains washed up on the tide
The wreckage of me and the wreckage of you
Is all that is left of our lives

The trees in the field are all twisted and bare
They've scattered their leaves to the wind
And the flowers in the churchyard hang with despair
To remind us of all of our sins
A black crow on a gravestone is calling my name
She carries my soul in her claws
And all the magpies are sleeping
Now there's nothing worth stealing
And the swallows won't sing for us anymore

And the wreckage of me...

The sun and the moon are the colour of coal
The cathedral has burned to the ground
I lost my direction and I lost my religion
I can't believe in anything now
And it's a long way to fall, I broke all my bones
It's a long way to fall, my wings were in flames
I'm gonna find a place where I don't have to talk
I'm gonna change my face, I'm gonna change my name

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